Smile it might not happen?

Hi, "Smile, it might not happen!"

   Time and tide stops for no man!

   Life is looking up, my home is taking shape also work opportunities are improving allowing me to constantly learn new tricks and tax my mind which I enjoy. Smile, it might not happen!
I'm now a grandfather which makes me sound older than I am.

I'm pleased my web site is popping up all over the world in various search engines, Even Google and MSN rate it as #1, I have found it popping up in the strangest of places and via indirect search criteria. I get the odd email from very distant relatives both in physical distance and genealogy. Mostly I get complimented on this web site, it's meant as a bit of fun and had not changed much in the last twenty years.

    I'm still messing around in the electronic security trade, mainly playing with computers controlling large access control ssytems & networked closed circuit TV systems, developing software tools and the like to make other peoples jobs quicker, smother and obtaining information they require NOW as quickly & as accurate as possible, I'm still have a hands on role at times.

    My BMW "Christine" I sold to assist in my move to the USA, I was cruising around in a 1979 Dodge Van, which broke more than it ran and it was great to drive, fun & was cheap! Sadly an arsehole without a driving licence hit me in the rear at 55mph and totaled the van, bent the chassis and knocked the the engine off it's mounts. I have found a replacement but it will never replace the many hours I spent working on the 1979, it was one of a kind and turned heads. The custom number plate "Ian's Van" was only on it about three weeks before it was crushed into the bodywork.
The 1979 van has been replaced with a 1987 Dodge Van, it looks like a combination of a tacky Las Vegas honeymoon suite and a 1970's movie theater.
I must admit the cost of insurance in the UK was tough, but it's costing me a lot more here! "Welcome to America"  The van has a 50 or 60 gallon tank, US gallon is nearly 1 litre smaller than a UK gallon but 50 gallons is still a lot of cash to find to fill it, I have half filled it a couple of times.
As I have now moved to Alabama the cost of insurance has dropped dramatically which you will not hear me complain about.
The 5.2L engine and the price of fuel at times is not agreeable, I have been looking at a new car for a while, I saw it a year ago but have only just got my sticky mitts on it. 1973 VW Beetle.

    If the music has been bugging you it's from the film "Roller Ball" some classical guy may have written it first though? "Hear it on a good church organ"

    Have a click around & send your comments or suggestions to me. I pick up email every so often, so don't worry if I don't get straight back to you.



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    This is a 360 (Static) of my home, I was going to stand on the roof but thought better of it

Thank you for your interest & time this is another Another Jolliffe Production brought to you with out the use of sticky back plastic or harming animals. All stunts were performed with out the aid of a safety net & for the kissing scenes a body double was used.

Batteries not included.