11th March 2005



Present Judge with documents


As you can see I was not able to be here for court today and there are two legitimate reasons why.


1.    My financial condition has collapsed; this prevents me from traveling and is the reason why I can no longer afford further legal representation by Berrys Solicitors.

2.    My visa states right now that I can not leave the USA and return directly, I would have to obtain a new UK passport and then visit US embassy in London and have another visa issued there. This could take up to three months.


The reason this court hearing is being held today is for the family side of this separation which to date has been ignored by all parties but me, as effectively the financial side was agreed to in June 2004.


I have asked continually that a true Statement of Fact to be signed by Julie so that our children are made aware that I have not abandoned them as this very important to me.

It also covers other key topics relevant to our separation.


I was thrown out of our home and without any legal or moral reasons have been prevented from seeing, speaking or writing to our children.

Thankfully my daughter has written to me and I can answer her letters but I cannot reach out to my son and let him know I love him. This statement has not been forthcoming for many months and I still suffer the forced separation between my children and myself.


I feel have been backed into a corner; Julie has had every opportunity to avoid this ugliness for nearly a year. My children have been used as a weapon against me and deserve to truthfully know what happened. I have done nothing wrong and refuse to be made out to be something I am not.

The information you have shows that Julie has perjured herself several times on the Form E. Deliberately omitting her financial status and lying in reply to various questions on the form.


I was informed by Berrys that Julie also perjured herself to the Judge who presided over the hearing on the 26th of May 2004, by denying I had been prevented from seeing or contacting our children even though Berrys had a letter stating I could not.


The information also shows harassment to myself, my partner and co-workers in the USA. Detail about Julies untaxed cash business of many years and other items as listed.

It also explains why there have been interruptions in child support payments from myself.


I have lost my children, my family, my home and wife. Yet throughout I have been treated as the perpetrator which is not the case. I have been subject to lies, harassment, accusations of violence, and ultimately prevented from seeing our children. I have not been fighting the financial settlement only looking for justice and fairness.


I respectfully request that the Judge bring this case to a close by instructing Julie to sign both the Statement of Fact and the amended Consent Order.

The amendments include resent suggestions from Rowberry Morris. I have offered to modify the Statement of Fact to make it more palatable, but have been disregarded in all attempts.


I know it is late in the day but I have discovered in the last hour that our matrimonial home can be placed in the name of our children, I would ask the Judge to consider this as it ensures security for their future.


Ian Jolliffe