16 Farrowdene Road

Whitley Wood







I Julie Ann Jolliffe, Formally Julie Ann Froude will state the following for the record,


  1. Ian Jolliffe has NOT abandoned Robert Lawrence or Victoria Marie Jolliffe; I instructed him to leave on numerous occasions both verbally and in writing. Making his life intolerable to force him out, this included committing adultery for a period of two years then telling him. Also saying that when the opportunity arrived I would commit adultery again with someone else. I spent nights away from the matrimonial home while committing adultery often arriving home at dawn. At one point I was stopped in the act by the High Wycombe Police. I have also denied him access to Robert Lawrence and Victoria Marie Jolliffe both in writing and verbally.


  1. I withheld any sexual relationship from Ian Jolliffe since June 1995,


  1. Ian Jolliffe has NOT come to 16 Farrowdene and damaged the house, my car or other possessions, He has NOT intimidated or threatened me either physically or verbally, banged doors and windows or has had caused any violent act against myself or property. Also when he was waiting for his rental agreement in Hemel Hempstead to complete, he brought the family a wide screen TV, kitchen appliances, my car a CD Radio and also preformed repairs to my car; he continued to support the family in a physical way until he departed for America. He did not take any house hold items when he had to move out, he purchased new so not to leave us without, most of the electrical and household items he then gave me when he did depart for America.


  1. I understand that he has freely offered the endowments # 630282 & X2082013 which exceeds the sum of ₤27,000.00 as advance payment child support for Robert Lawrence & Victoria Marie Jolliffe


  1. The statement 4.2 in Form E is incorrect, Ian and I have only have taken two foreign holidays, Greece in 1985 and with the whole family Jersey in June 2001, I do not have a valid passport and it has expired for many years. Ian did not take me socializing once per week, I would socialize without him, which was often more than once per week, he would either be working or looking after our children, I also committed adulatory while he was at home looking after our children. We were constantly in debt even though Ian would continually work a twelve or longer hour day.


  1. The statement that Andy, my current boyfriend is not living at the matrimonial home is incorrect; He has lived at 16 Farrowdene Road, since approximately August 2003



Signed by



Julie Ann Jolliffe


Witnessed by


…………………….. of Rowberry Morris


…………………….. Printed Name