This is a true reflection of what has happened financially

The matrimonial home was valued at ₤145,000 which even a casual observer will notice the local houses of similar type are going for between ₤165,000 - ₤185,000, a second valuation was refused by the Ex-wife

House Value

₤165,000 estimated (see page 13 about refusal of second valuation)


Outstanding mortgage

₤53,000 (Fully paid off in 2012)


Endowments Value

₤27,000 (Cashable)


Ian Jolliffe Pension Value



Ian Jolliffe Consent Order Lump Sum

₤4,600 (I actually received a cheque for ₤3,089.01)

(₤12,000 was requested to cover debt but was never presented to court due to Judge Burgess biased actions)


After all monies change hands


Julie Jolliffe



Gain, House+ Endowments

Loss, Mortgage + Lump Sum






Ian Jolliffe



Gain, Pension + Lump sum



Ian Jolliffe would like it documented that the difference in gain to Julie Ann Jolliffe of ₤76,800 is to be used to maintain a home for the children and provide their support into the future.

Also note Ian Jolliffe is unable to claim his pension until he is 55 and it has been frozen since 2003 as he does not have the funds to contribute to it.