For those of you who are slightly interested this is about my separation from the Ex-Wife (Photo for a T Shirt) after she committed adultery for a couple of years & then threw me out of our home.
The worst of it the alienation of my children threw the Ex-Wife words and deeds


Prevented from being read out in Reading County Court

Support Documents

Detailing lies, perjury, harassment, threats by the Ex-wife &  photos, (Ignored)

Statement of Fact

To be Signed by the Ex-wife, retracting lies and permitting me access & contact with Robert & Victoria our children. (Refused)

Consent Order

As requested by Ian Jolliffe (Refused)

Consent Order, Page 1
Consent Order, Page 2

Judge Burgess signed without allowing my representative to speak

Summary of Financial arrangements

A true reflection what has happened


Over 660 letters, emails & fax's it takes about 45 seconds to load if your using a dial up modem